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Away until further notice.. 🖤
To all of you who’ve supported me since I started, especially the ones who genuinely cared if I was doing alright… i appreciate it so much, and thank you. 💜
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I got some news in the past couple weeks and I’ve been needing some time to process it. I’m not sure if I’m gonna share anything here as it’s very personal, but I’ll be needing to step away now more than ever and may not be able to make content for quite some time.

I may still go ahead with a couple direct arrangements for very few services/content to help with finances but there may be a few changes.

Hopefully I’ll back or can share soon but I need to take care of myself for now.
Thank you for understanding. 💜💞

Been a bit nervous about posting here, but for anyone wondering here’s a bit of an update of things lately. 💜
(May need to copy/paste)

I also may not reply to most messages from when I was away due to the amount piled up. I’ll get back to any new ones I get though. xx

Goodmorning! I hope everyone’s able to enjoy the nice weather today, I’ll be taking full advantage… windows down, music up. Maybe I’ll treat myself to a lil shopping… 😋🎶

I’ve been finding it a bit difficult responding to everyones messages lately and may or may not have a habit of getting overwhelmed easily. 😅

If I were to come up with a more personal/direct arrangement for content, would that be of any interest?
I would prefer if there’s some level of mutual respect and trust already as I do have certain boundaries I won’t tolerate being crossed (and appreciated each of you that understand) 🥰

Im not sure about all the details yet but wanted to throw that out there n see. 😊

I’ll need some time to get back to messages but here’s a lil smthn while you wait 💋xx

Who wouldn’t feel great after a fresh shower and shave 💦

Considering starting up again… messages are a little overwhelming rn, but what type of content are you all interested in? Leave any and all things you can think of in the comments 😚💞

I’ve also been thinking about getting a couple new outfits to post in, anddd if anyone would be willing to help me get them I’ll make a lil something for you personally 🥰❣️

This will most likely be a very slow start, but I’ll do my best to get to any messages that I’ve missed 💜xx

Before reading, this has nothing to do with OnlyFans lmao 😅

Hypotheticallyyy… if I happened to be starting up a small business (beaded accessories/jewelry so far) would anyone on here be willing to support me on that? I can leave my info in the comments after some votes:)

It can be anywhere from purchasing my work to helping out with supply funds, even just following, liking and sharing would mean the world! 💕

Posting a bit late- but in honour of #noshavenovember 🤫😘

I’m really sorry to the messages I haven’t responded to yet. Holidays are stressful and busy.. I’ve been tryna get schoolwork done so I don’t get kicked out, struggling with certain (family) relationships, and plans for guelph are being set back.. again. 😞
I can be reached on insta @brii.xn but please save the onlyfans stuff for here, I think I just need a break to somewhat “recharge” 💜

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