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21 years old ✨💖 Fat little pig who just wants to be fatter. Documenting my weight gain 💕

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Spent the whole day eating, trying to be as big as I can be…. My favorite food right now is still pizza, I love how greasy it is

Hey! I’m curious, what do you guys like to see? I can’t make any promises because I’m a little weary about some stuff but I can try to do more for you guys!

First time I’ve been able to get my bra to hook in a while…. The first picture is what I look like on my back, and it honestly feels like my boobs are smoothering me. I don’t like how small I look when I’m not stuffed so I’m going to try and eat at least 7000 calories every day until I’ve really ballooned

I am so stuffed that I could barely move to take these pictures… I wish I had more food to eat but I’m all out of snack :(

I can’t get over how much bigger I’ve gotten… every time I see an old photo of myself I realize just how big I’ve become… I just want to be bigger too

Feeling huge but I’m going to keep stuffing :)

I can’t believe I used to be so thin… I’ve become such a big piggy, pretty soon I’ll only be able to sit and eat. I honestly love how hard everyday tasks are becoming not only because I’m exhausted but also because I’m sooo hungry all the time

Help I’m getting realllllly big

It’s been so hot out omgg it’s so hard to carry all this weight on the front of my body

I love how big I look after I eat 😍

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