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No More new Posts !!!
- As of 8.06.23 I will not be active on this account anymore

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300 POSTS - Porn ( solo & with BF), explicit pictures & sexual healing content !!!

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A big yes to extra short skirts 😋

Lost place spontaneous quicky

Looks like you‘ll be getting a sex video with @larci66 after all 🤩

My last Video ✨

-creamy anal masturbation

Larc was and is too sick and stressed to make another video sadly so you‘ll be getting a solo anal masturbation video as a good bye from my OF 👋

You can of coarse stay here and have access to my content that’s already posted.

Have an amazing Weekend 🥰

What is one thing that you want to Celebrate from this past week?

You can write it in the comments if you like to be seen and celebrated even more🎉

Dance & Breath morning practice 💃🏽

This practice is easy & short. You can also just do the dancing if you‘re in a rush.

Part 1 - 5 min breathing with me to a song of your choice ( connected breathing) - plz read the Info sheet included in this post before doing breathwork!!

Part 2 - 5 min dancing to a song of your choice with me. The practice is saying I‘m worthy & I‘m deserving over and over again. Really try to feel in your body that that is true.

Through the breathing and moving the body the message won‘t just go into your intellectual mind but will land in your whole nervous system for a greater and long lasting effect.

You can turn of my audio and dance to your own music. You can leave my video on and we can dance together 🪩

My head is cut from the Fram at the beginning of the video, sorry about that! :/

✨This weeks Tantric Practice Demo ✨

- Raising the capacity to feel safe


Set an intention before every practice.
This way you have a say in how your practice looks like.
You get freedom of choice 🔮

Quotes from TANTRA ILLUMINATED by Christoffer D. Wallis

„Then we make the final error of believing that the interpretive constructs we superimpose on reality are reality itself, instead of what they actually are, imperfect representations that served a particular need at a particular time. This wrong understanding causes us untold suffering. Indeed it is the only cause of suffering.“

„Most pain and all suffering is part of a feedback mechanism that life uses to warn you of a misalignment.“

„Since all suffering, from a twinge of anger to agonizing guilt, is a feedback mechanism, all suffering is welcomed by the awake one as a gift and a blessing.“

✨Hey Invincible Sluts ✨ 〰️ important message !

I decided to let my premium onlyfans go but keep putting a little energy into my free Onlyfans.

I really tried to think and feel into making Onlyfans work for me but I keep coming to the point where I'm overwhelmed and exhausted. I'm just not able to keep the subscription running in the way that I would like too. The best that I can give right now is occasional posts that feel easy and fun with no big attachments or promises. I want to give a professional set up that runs consistently with easy, simple steps to sexually heal but the past week I came to the hard to accept realization that a subscription is not my way right now, It's just to much pressure and I'm not ready for it.

I'm figuring out what would be the best way to spread pleasure in this world and I feel pulled into another direction that feels more aligned.

It also does not feel good for me anymore to just do random porn on my Onlyfans. I have a different mission to follow and I need my energy for that.

I will work with some other companies for porn sometimes and maybe If I feel like it I will post something to buy in my free Onlyfans.

I will keep my free Onlyfans running with the occasional posts and my premium OF I'll keep on for anyone who wants to have access to all the videos that have been uploaded so far.

I'm sorry to everyone that just subscribed or re subscribed!!
I will post something this week or next week to close off and at least give you something.

What would you most like to see?

Feel free to add anything in the comments or DM me.

I will stay active on this premium Onlyfans for the next 4 Weeks 8.05.23- 8.06.23 so use your chance in the next 4 weeks to talk to me about anything you'd like and requesting anything you'd like :)

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