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March 27, 2023 only fanz is removing a video a day now. I'm not sure y they just don't delete all of my videos at once.
Again, for those of you that care, all of my video participants have the legal 2257 photo ID consent approval.
Only fanz is removing my videos because they have ADDED mandatory only fanz membership for all video participants - this isn't part of the 2257 law of consent, they, as a company have decided to add this caveat. I can no longer add videos here because my video participants do not want to be tagged, they do not want to be members, they just want to be in the videos I upload.

Another video that was perfectly fine is now taken down by yet another onlyfansCreated reason, only you never get a specific reason:
Your media has been removed because it has violated our Acceptable Use Policy or Community Guidelines. These measures are in place to support and protect our community on Onlyfans.

This is the message I get on the regular : Your media has been removed because it has violated our Acceptable Use Policy or Community Guidelines. These measures are in place to support and protect our community on Onlyfans. - These videos passed guidelines before and now they suddenly don't. Again, there will no longer be new videos posted here because it's impossible to keep them once another new regulation or policy is invented.

Onlyfans is now removing my videos one at a time with a violation notification attached. These videos that they're taking down have been up for years. I'm no longer able to upload new content as my video participants do not want to be tagged by onlyfans brand new mandatory tagging membership.
By the way, all of my participants have provided 2257 consent law which requires photos of the participant's photo ID, front and back as well as a photo of the participant holding the photo ID next to their face.
Onlyfans is now requiring a signature, a contract, and mandatory membership for tagging - all of which are not part of 2257 law of consent. Just ask Pornhub's lawyers.

Onlyfans has once again changed its photo ID consent rules to include a written contract as well as mandatory membership for the participants in videos, so they can be "tagged." - if ur not seeing new content here itโ€™s because of this change in policy ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

#nsfw #onlyfansadult I was in a condo chat online when 1 of the neighbors requested we FaceTime privately

#nsfw #onlyfansadult old man muscle update

#nsfw #onlyfansadult Bro, thanks 4sending me ur bored bottom cuz letโ€™s face it, ur tired of trying & I get it, they can b a lot & not everyone wants2hump hole when the bottom is complaining - But I got ur back & promise he wonโ€™t b bothering u anymore ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

#nsfw #onlyfansadult Guys, B on the lookout4cheating bottoms Cuz theyโ€™re experiencedAt clenching hole& talking all sissySlut just so youโ€™ll cum. Donโ€™t let them win. Show themUwill decide when the pound is over, not them - Better2slapโ€™em around then nut2soon,๐Ÿ˜†

#nsfw #onlyfansadult Xmas morning was pretty great with the nice wishes from family and I even heard from some of you, thank you. But in the middle of all that I got a text to stop by the neighbor's for some holiday cheer, so I did.

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