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My bio keeps getting deleted, so I have to keep it boring!
I am a married mid 30's dad of 3. Times are rough for everyone so I will NEVER do a PPV post or send spam DMs Saying if you pay for this message its only for you. I believe in being transparent and authentic with everyone I talk to. The only things I put a price on are custom, kink, fetish stuff. Tips are always appreciated small or big. Other than that, I am a super fun-loving guy who works a lot, plays drums and games.

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The wife has decided it's time for me to pull the plug on this venture. It's not made money the way she hoped so unless something financial magical happens she gave me a week to pull the plug I'll see yall in a couple days when I check in.

Daddy's birthday is in October if anyone wants to get me something nice 😉🤤

I use this page for extra money so you all tell me what I need to do. I've gotten close to just packing it up completely, but I'm not a quitter. I leave the page free with no ppv Noone hardly tips, I do free with select ppvs no one tips, I charge monthly with no ppv and see a huge loss in fans. I offer customs but Noone messages. I have paid messages on to filter the bot accounts out. I'm at a loss on What to do now.

Who wants to watch me eat my load for the first time ever?

Hey babes just checking in! I'm still alive life has been hectic adjusting to the new baby and work schedule I'll be uploading stuff soon!

Entered a fishing tournament tonight took 3rd so no $$ for me. Anyone wanna add some $$ to my wallet he needs more fish food, may masterbait later 😏

Beat off at the hospital today now tip me like a good whore

Just hanging out at work

It's literally been almost 8 months since I've been laid pray for my cock.

I decided to go back to paid subs, the reasoning behind it was I tried being a nice person and setting it to free and only charging for customs the catch was I didn't want to set a price rather just tip what you were able to or tip according to how well I did for you. After about 25 or 30 customs, 2 people actually tipped, and that kinda bothered me, made this page for fun and also to have a little extra fun money, now that the wife has been off work and bed rest for almost 7 months I need to start seeing a little profit or I'm gonna have to shut it down and focus on making extra money another way. I really hope yall understand.

Update: wife's health is still bad with her being pregnant they do not want to put her on thyroid meds due to the risks. With her being on bed rest it's looking like I'm the only income so I've been working on all my off days I think I'm at 13 days straight right now. There's a lot of you asking about customs I'm trying my best to get to them, I just have no energy and I feel run down. Mentally I'm struggling, stressing, and depressed as fuck. Here is me rubbing my cock foryou.

Hey guys and gals. Look I'm gonna keep it open and honest I have had a lot on my plate with my wife dealing with graves' disease in this pregnancy and being taken off work duty and put on bed rest it has put us behind because I man enough to admit she is our bread winner. I have tried to keep a positive mindset and I can't really figure out how to get us from behind so I'm gonna come on here and see if anyone wants to help. I'm just going to put a total I don't expect to hit it or come close but here we are, me asking for some help.

To make a a snap chat that's avaliable for only paid subs only as an added benefit when I make the switch or not. If this post gets 10 or more likes before the 30th I will do it for some extra bonus content. Also there is plenty of my sexy ass to go around for everyone so share my page and Twitter with your friends and have them tell me who sent them and I will keep a count every 5 people you send to me and they do a paid sub I will gift you a month free! Guys, Girls, and all other pronouns are all welcome! I told you I was going to make changes and I want everyone to benefit and I will always be transparent and five you plenty of time when changes happen as well as give aways and fun contests! Love you guys and thank you for being here!

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