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🌕 Just a fat sexual woman feeling and healing herself.
Also I’m a little nervous, and I’d like to clarify that Alice (Kitty) Black is my “stripper name” but my real name is Jessica. So you can choose whichever to call me. Along with any nickname you want such as “Mistress” or “Kitten”.

I'm 27
I'm 5 feet tall
I'm into BDSM so I identify more as a Submissive Brat
I'm a Witch that practices Sex magic so might see or hear that here.
I'm Bisexual

Please remember that I am the sole creator and copyright holder of all of the media posted here. You do NOT have permission to save, share, or distribute my content. The redistribution online, or in person, of any of my content, that being audio, photo, or video, is illegal
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I'm still here. It just gets really inconvenient that it logs me out every month.

So I’m gonna be real for a second.
I’m aware that I haven’t been very active on here and honestly I’m not going to apologize for that. My energy has been shit for the last few months. Last year was terrible up until the very end and I could barely do anything.
I’m not going to push myself to act sexy when I REALLY don’t feel it.
That’s why I’m always perplexed and amazed by my other onlyfans friends that keep that shit going. I honestly would not be able to do that.
My actions/work have ALWAYS mirrored my emotional energy. I’ve never been able to “push through” and honestly that’s just how I’m built.

I explain all this because I honestly don’t know when I’ll be able to consistently post more. I try but a lot of the time something happens in my life that beats me down again.
Again, last year was ROUGH and I’m still feeling the after effects of it.

I really do have a oral fixation. God damn.

I think it’s clear that anyone involved with this website knows what’s going on. I’m one of those few creators where I don’t think I’ll get effected much because all I really share are nudes.
All I treat this website as is a nsfw Instagram pretty much. I will probably take down the one or 2 videos I have up that clear my are porn but it’s not like anyone’s bought those anyway soooo 🤷‍♀️.
If I ever plan to release the porny videos I’ve made. I will definitely let you guys know where I would put them if and when I do that.
It’s clear that Onlyfans doesn’t care about their “small businesses”. So I will not let money enter this site unnecessarily.

You know….like clock work, it’s always a guaranteed orgasm if I suck on something while masturbating…..
I may have a bit of a oral fixation 👀 which is funny cause anything that has to do with spit in sex really grosses me out.

I’m guessing this is too much boob squishing for Instagram soooooo 🐮🐮🐄🤠 yew-haw
Also unfortunately I’m kinda self conscious about my stomach…turns out I gained a few pounds. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ I do so much as breath and they just fucking appear.

Lately I’ve been trying to mentally accept that I do like degrading things. At least in fantasies I do, but real life it definitely has to have aftercare afterwards.
Degrading things meaning, I seem to enjoy being called or told degrading things during sex.
I mean “good girl” is a mild form of degradation.
I was watching a porn video and the monster(we’ve covered my porn preferences) said “little hole”. And for some reason that really hit in all the right places.
There is harsher things I seem to enjoy though like “little whore” or something in regard to me either enjoying it more than I thought/that it’s too much for me and I can’t handle it.

Fucking around with effects 😆💗

Happy birthday to me. 💗 💦
Again another video with no sound, for the same reason. There’s nothing really happening sound-wise, because I had to stay quiet with a loud ass fan on.

It’s my birthday 💗

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