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Β πŸ‡ΉΒ πŸ‡­Β πŸ‡¦Β πŸ‡³Β πŸ‡°Β  πŸ‡ΎΒ πŸ‡΄Β πŸ‡ΊΒ 
β˜† ∴ β”β”β”β˜†β”β”β”βˆ΄ β˜†
β„‚π•Œπ•Šπ•‹π•†π•„ β„π”Όβ„šπ•Œπ”Όπ•Šπ•‹π•Š, β„™β„π•€β„‚π”Όπ•Š 𝔸𝕍𝔸𝕀𝕃𝔸𝔹𝕃𝔼 π•Œβ„™π•†β„•
β˜† βˆ΄β”β”β”βœΏβ”β”β”βˆ΄ β˜†
π˜Ώπ™„π˜Ύπ™† π™π˜Όπ™π™„π™‰π™‚π™Ž- $5
π™π™Šπ™‹π™‡π™€π™Žπ™Ž π˜Ώπ™„π˜Ύπ™† π™π˜Όπ™π™„π™‰π™‚π™Ž- $10
β˜† βˆ΄β”β”β”βœΏβ”β”β”βˆ΄β˜†
α΅–Κ³β±αΆœα΅‰Λ’ ᡃʳᡉ Λ’α΅˜α΅‡Κ²α΅‰αΆœα΅—α΅‰α΅ˆ α΅—α΅’ αΆœΚ°α΅ƒβΏα΅α΅‰ α΅ˆα΅‰α΅–α΅‰βΏα΅ˆβ±βΏα΅ ᡒⁿ Κ³α΅‰α΅ α΅˜α΅‰Λ’α΅—Λ’ ᡗʰᡃⁿᡏ ΚΈα΅’α΅˜ αΆ α΅’Κ³ ᡗʰᡉ Λ’α΅˜α΅–α΅–α΅’Κ³α΅—.
𝔠π”₯𝔒𝔠𝔨 π”¦π”«π”Ÿπ”¬π”΅ 𝔣𝔯𝔬π”ͺ 𝔱𝔦π”ͺ𝔒 𝔱𝔬 𝔱𝔦π”ͺ𝔒! πŸ’‹

Don't be scared to reach out and ask. Gotta grab life by the pussy from time to time.

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