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Hey you! 🥰 Thanks so much for visiting me! I can't wait for you to join in on my naughty adventures and play with me! ❤️🖤 Things you’ll find here:
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I need my ass spanked.. can you do it please? 😈❤️🖤

What if I was riding you instead of my toy??? 😈❤️🖤

I got pretty new toys in… and this one feels incredible. 😈❤️🖤

Wanna know a fantasy of mine… ?
My fantasy of what I wish could happen tomorrow…

I want to walk into the party, all dressed up in my sexy costume and see your face light up with excitement. I want to see that sexy smolder and hint of mischief in your eyes.. I’ll probably pretend to be coy because all of the anticipation will finally come to a head which will make me nervous. I’ll walk around and give everyone hugs, making sure to save you for last. It will ensure that you are watching me, planning your next move, all the while, I’ll be flirty and sweet to keep up my appearance. I’ll finally come to you in your chair in the corner, and I’ll walk up slowly, hoping to drive you just a bit crazier with need for me. When i get to you, I’ll hug you and probably hold on a little longer than normal and then whisper to you that you look sexy. I’ll probably kiss your cheek and then start to walk away. But you will stop me. Grab hold of my arm and spin me back around to you and pull me into your lap. I’ll giggle in surprise and wrap my arms around your neck. You’ll pull me in close and whisper in my ear how much you like my outfit, teasing me with your wicked words. I will squirm in your lap because now that I’ve touched you, I need more. I feel you harden a little under my ass and I’ll turn to look at you. We will make eye contact and you will finally kiss me. Gently at first but then your hand will wrap around the back of my neck and the kiss will get more frantic. I’ll moan probably a bit to loud and then beg you to take me upstairs. Our friends will probably cheer us on as we walk out and when we get out of the room, I’ll grab your hand and rush us to the elevator. Once we are there, the kissing will be frantic. You’ll push me up against the wall while we wait and kiss me until we both need to take a breath. When the elevator makes it to us, we will get in and ill hope that we can kiss some more, but someone else will get on with us so I’ll press my ass up against you in a subtle way just to keep the contact between us. We will get back to the room and as soon as we are in and the door shuts, you’ll push me up against it, taking every ounce of control I thought I had away. You’ll have me trapped up against the door, kissing and touching me and driving me wild. I’ll be running my hands all over you, stopping when i get to your cock. I’ll grab it, hard and you’ll moan for me and then wrap your hand around my neck, surprising me and then lead me to the bed. You’ll shove me down on the bed and yank my dress up around my hips and then start kissing my thighs. I’ll moan and squirm and beg for you to kiss my pussy but you’ll tell me to wait, to be patient and continue to tease me with your lips. Finally I’ll feel your breath right above my pussy and then ever so gently, you’ll lick me right on my clit. I’ll cry out because it’s been so long awaited and then you will ABSOLUTELY. DEVOUR. ME. Fingers and tongue and wicked words will work together and you’ll make me cum so hard that I see stars over and over again. After a while of you tasting me, I’ll ask you to lay down and let me taste you. You’ll comply because I’ll ask like a sweet good girl. We will undo your pants together and then I’ll wrap my hand around your cock. I’ll stroke it a bit, just playing and getting a feel for you. But then I’ll lean down and give it a kiss. Ill leaves kisses all around it and then I’ll run my tongue back up to the top so that I can take you all the way into my mouth. I’ll work your cock with my hands and my mouth, hopefully making your cock rock hard and ready to be inside me. It will get sloppier and sloppier the closer I get to losing my battle with wanting you inside me… I’ll look up to you and ask you if i can feel you inside of me. You’ll smirk at me, sit up, kiss me and then flip me onto my back. You’ll kiss me while you rub your cock up and down my pussy lips, coating it in my juices for you.. I’ll beg and beg and you’ll start to push inside of me and I’ll whine because it will be everything we’ve wanted since the last time we were together.. hearing you groan when you push further inside me will drive me crazy… feeling you moving faster and progressively fucking me harder will make me cum all over your cock. Over and over and over again. When you start getting close, you’ll wrap your hand around my neck and kiss me, biting my lip hard enough to make me gasp and pound in to me. You’ll tell me you’re going to cum and I’ll rub my clit to make sure that I’m cumming with you. You’ll pump into me a few more times and then slam into me with those sexy as fuck moans while you cum. We will lay together and kiss and love on each other and bask in the afterglow of our moments together…

Can I be the present under your tree? 😈❤️🖤

Did you miss me?? Show me how much 😈❤️🖤💰

More fun hotel playtime. In my signature red & black 😈❤️🖤

Look at me taking my friends cock. He is so yummy, and it felt so good… you want to be next? 😈🖤❤️

I want more cute little plugs to take pictures with. Want to help me get some more?? 😈❤️🖤

😈😈 HORNY tattooed Milf😈😈
Hi babe 🥰💋 @triple_d_sable_free
36DDD boobs
Tattoo artist by day
Dirty slut at night
Southern milf
Vip page @triple_d_sable

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